Building Floors and Roof for the Future – Today.

East Texas Truss specializes in custom engineered wood truss systems. We have the capabilities of  manufacturing roof trusses up to 80′ and floor trusses up to 40′. Our primary area of service is Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana, with the ability to ship anywhere.

Structural building components are the future of framing!

  • Computer truss design allows for manufacture of complex  and architecturally interesting roof systems.
  • Trusses can be used with different on-center spacings to optimize strength and material.
  • Long clear spans are possible when using trusses, allowing for open interior spaces.


How Engineered Trusses Save You Money.

  • Lower overall material costs with clear span, engineered trusses.
  • Eliminates costly interior bearing walls, beams, and columns.
  • Provides low cost engineering and windstorm solutions.
  • Reduces labor cost by saving construction time.
  • Requires a smaller work force with less skills
  • Reduces costly material waste and cleanup.

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